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Our Chiropractic Method

We believe how chiropractic is done is extremely important. Many chiropractic offices focus on short-term, symptom-driven adjustments that don't fix what is causing the problem. Explore our method below that is empowering so many to find hope in healing!

Our Services

Structural Correction

We perform specific manual adjustments aimed at restoring the spine as close to its original design as possible. Once the spine is where it was designed to be, the body can freely do what it was designed to do: heal itself. We always take X-Rays in order to safely and accurately determine a path to correction. Our approach prioritizes long-term correction, as most spinal problems take a long time to develop.

Method Philosophy

The One main goal is to get the spine as close to its original design as possible.

A healthy and aligned spine allows the body to function and heal itself the way it was designed to. This is because the brain is able to communicate through the nerves in the spinal cord out to the organs and body’s functions, in order to repair any thing that is not as it should be. This incredible healing superpower is baked into our DNA. We think that is pretty amazing!

Your spine plays the incredible role of protecting your spinal cord from danger.

Your brain and spinal cord make up your central nervous system. From your spine your peripheral nervous system branches out nerves off the spinal cord through your individual vertebrae. Nerve branches then shoot out from specific vertebrae to specific organs all over your body. These nerve highways are what the brain uses to tell your body to operate, heal itself, and many other imperative functions! Like a kink in a hose, any interference or pinching that occurs when a vertebrae is misaligned affects the ability of your brain to tell the body what to do. With less than 10% of nerves in your nervous system being pain receptive, pain isn’t the best indicator of pinched nerves.

Getting adjusted just to get rid of pain often ignores what's causing the pain in the first place

The nervous system is responsible for the function and healing of the entire body and over time any interference will often cause illness, injury, and disease. Many chiropractic offices perform short-term adjustments with the goal of eliminating the symptom of pain. While eliminating pain is a good thing, these short-term adjustments often don’t fix the structural problem that is causing the symptom. Likewise, relieving pain doesn’t address the 90% of silent nerves that may still be pinched. The goal is to get to the cause of the problem, not just treat symptoms.

Every fall, accident, or stressful event in our lives can cause spinal subluxation.

When you experience a spinal subluxation, getting an adjustment soon after is the best. This is because the muscles that hold your spine in the correct position desire to pull the spine back to that place. However, if a subluxation doesn’t get addressed, over time the body adapts and continues to function despite the subluxations. As the body functions day to day with a subluxated spine, muscles adapt and form around misaligned vertebrae and hold the mess in place. When a chiropractor performs a correctional spinal adjustment on a spine that has been subluxated for a long time, the muscles try to pull the spine back out of alignment. This is why physical therapy to retrain the muscles to grab onto the corrected spine is so important and a part of our care.

We provide life-giving manual adjustments, you put the work in at home.

As you start the restorative process of receiving quality manual adjustments, you need to retrain your muscles to hold the vertebrae in the correct place. The daily home rehab exercises take very little time to complete but have a crucial role in strengthening muscles in your neck, back, and core which holds your adjustments in place. This exciting process of physical rehabilitation is what allows your body to grow strong in the way it was designed. Additionally, these exercises stimulate a healthy flow of spinal fluid that aids in the life-giving function of the nervous system. This flow of fluid promotes healing as the spine is being restored to its originally designed position!

Our Process

Did you know that your central nervous system is in charge of your body's ability to heal? Your nerves connect all of your internal organs and provide a pathway of communication to your brain. Any interference in this communication, similar to kinking a hose, can hinder and even prevent the body's ability to heal. When there is interference with the nervous system it is called a Subluxation.

Our services to help you get well have two steps: 1) we identify the cause of your problems, and 2) remove interference

Step 1: Identify the Cause

The first thing we do is look for subluxations. We do this through a comprehensive exam with an emphasis on X-rays. Comprehensive exams are an important part of our process to ensure full transparency.

Using X-Rays

Before ever deciding to receive care, you'll always get an exam, X-rays, and consultation so Dr. Bobby can understand the source of the issue. X-rays allow us to get to and identify the cause of your problems. X-rays also allow our patients the ability to see progress for themselves. Our patients love seeing their x-rays!

Comprehensive Health History

Spinal misalignment doesn't happen overnight. Since birth, every fall, stressful event, and injury has played a role in the current condition of your spine. Going through health history often helps explain x-ray results.

Environmental Risk Evaluation

The Lifestyle Risk Evaluation is a questionnaire that further identifies the current condition of your health. This evaluation helps us get a snapshot of where you are at so we can create a custom roadmap for your healing!

Step 2: Remove Interference

Once we have identified the cause of your problems, it’s time to start fixing them! We start to take care of your nervous system by removing subluxations. Your road to recovery begins with moving bones through manual adjustments and receiving patient education on how to live a holistic lifestyle that prevents other forms of interference.

Spinal Correction

Using your X-Ray, Dr. Bobby starts a custom plan to treat and prevent physical subluxation. This includes a correction plan of quality adjustments specific to your body’s needs. Long-term spinal correction through specific manual adjustments improves nerve supply and the overall functionality of the nervous system, and prevents illness, and boosts the immune system!

Home Rehab

Maintaining adjustments is a team effort. Home rehab is an important role in helping the body hold adjustments. Moving vertebrae in their correct position cause surrounding muscles to adjust to the spine's new position. Each patient warms up before their adjustment and is given a home rehab kit to do at home every day to keep the spinal cord healthy and strong.

Patient Education

Physical factors are not the only thing that causes subluxations. In addition to spinal correction maintaining good nutrition (exercise, whole foods, oxygen) and avoiding toxins (limiting the intake of toxic substances that are in products all around us) are essential to keep your nervous system strong and functional. We provide you with life-giving resources that teach how to live a holistic lifestyle that allows the body to heal itself like it was designed by God to!

Have Any Questions?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you have! You can contact us by sending an email to and we will get back to you shortly!

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Since 2008 Dr. Belmonte has served in clinics all over world, providing care to thousands of patients in North America, Africa, Vietnam, and West Michigan.

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